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This program was performed by an honored Russian artist Ilona Planas and her Philippine husband Tammi Planas. A lot can be said about Tammi Planas. He is a Kung Fu master, an artist of an international level and the one who was awarded with a Russian diploma for the program “Our Russian records” as the only one who can perform “Blindfold jump in to sharp knives” trick. His full name is Planas Disiderio Bigaret and he owns a black belt.

He has fascinated many countries with his show of art of war during his performances in Japan, China, Thailand and many other countries.

In Russia he participates in prestigious programs with such famous Russian and foreign countries stars as Aleksandr Serov, Liubov Uspenskaja, Oleg Gazmanov, and “Ivanushki International“, “A-studio“, and “Guests from future“ bands. He is often seen in television programs and action movies.