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Organization of banquets,corporate parties,adult birthdays


What is entertainment program for?

First of all, the entertainment program for the party is a consolidated element. Properly prepared show together with a qualified announcer (or entertainer) not only may enlighten the party but also to provide a possibility for everyone to participate. Even shy or moody people insensibly get engaged in to the uproar of the party. Hardly if there will be anyone who would be jumping out of joy right away but they will watch, listen and tune in. This is the goal. After all, the main point of the party is a positive common sense and sincere joy.
Only professional artists, singers, musicians, and entertainers work in our company. It is not enough to toast and entertain guests with contests and charades for a professional entertainer, entertainer's task is to involve all the guests in to the process of celebration.

Be aware of impostors!

We do not want to offend those who are enthusiasts/amateurs of the theatrical art in any way. There might be some really bright and talented artist among them, though it is rarely the case.
You should start planning your event a month before. In worst case you should start planning at lest two weeks in advance. The earlier you start the less money it will cost you and less worries you will have.


What are parties for?

Holidays provide joy of life, tempting perspectives and a moment of happiness to children and grown ups as well, therefore, we are all children in some way.

You decide what kind of a holiday it will be, while the organizer will only suggest you ideas. What kind of artist will be invited to your party?

Corporate parties: what are they for?

One of the purposes of corporate parties is to bring something new in to the daily life of the office. Employees are used to seeing one another in a certain frames; therefore, they get tired of it and become boring to one another. And therefore various inner conflicts arise that reduce work productivity.
Communication in a non-restricting environment will provide a possibility for co-workers to get to know one another closer. Maybe it's only when they will lift a glass of champagne or play pool they will be able to talk sincerely and call a truce.
Nonetheless what are corporate parties for?
First of all, parties help to get in touch not only formally but also friendly and personally among the personnel. After all, during these parties the best ones are awarded and little failures are forgiven. Often competitors judge about your company by the extent of your corporate parties.

Birthday, organization and conducting

You can celebrate a birthday outside in the nature if it is summer. There are two possibilities of celebration: to rent a cafe somewhere near a picturesque park or near a river bank or you may organize everything by yourself. You could bring tents, organize a fireplace, tables and bring snaps and drinks, and sound equipment. You can order a person to film the event and then you could have all the fun moments caught on tape.

The organization of a party

1. Party location.
2. VIP transportation order.
3. Decoration of a party hall.
4. Party style establishment.
5. Photos and film.
6. We will be able to discuss the program during the meeting.


We will begin to prepare scenario-plan for the event. We will invite guests to come at seven pm in the evening. Of course, we doubt that all guests would come exactly at seven o'clock. Each of them might have their own reasons for it: traffic jams, work, absence of watch or not knowing how to use a watch. We will give half an hour for guest to arrive. We meet guests by the door in an original manner. You have to somehow occupy guests who already arrived and are waiting. We organize so called “Welcome drink“. We serve aperitifs, fruits for guests so that those who came would not feel hungry watching a dressed table. We would invite a band to play live. The style of music can wary – it depends on the taste of our guests. Finally, it is 19:30 pm and all guests come and join the table. The entertainer comes and congratulates those who came and announce things to come. The program itself was prepared according to your requests and recourses. The music band (the same one which was playing at the entrance) plays during the breaks. The entertainer gives toasts, provides a possibility for guests to speak, and guides competitions and games during the breaks in between the performances. At the end of the program the final (“striking“) moment of the program is something special and something that is the axis of the evening (the most piquant moment). It could be the moment of giving a present (main present) to the causer of the celebration, it could be a firework or fire show with the ending of burning initials of the causer of the celebration or the beautifully sparkling logo of the company in the middle of the fire.

The New Year

New Year is coming. It is a time for presents, greetings, parties, evenings, mandarin, champagne, green fluffy Christmas-trees and white show. It is a nice and miraculous holiday. It lasts from Christmas until the New Year. You are very wrong if you think that there is enough of time to properly prepare the New Year celebration. The New Year is celebrated by everyone: from small companies to large corporations, therefore, it is important to choose the colorful program and agree about the organization of New Year as soon as possible. Hurry up! Our Santa Clause or Nikolaj would come to visit you and would greet children and grown ups. We travel to schools and kindergartens with our New Year program which lasts more than two hours. Artists of original genres, entertainers, magicians, clowns, Disneyland heroes, Snow White and others can participate in programs.

Live music card "Heart"

Live music card "Heart" - there will be no indifferent people about this greeting, of course, if you are truly willing to surprise your beloved one.

For lovebirds...

What kind of present to give? Of course it is an individual decision which depends on priorities you make. Valuable presents are awaited during such occasion as wedding, anniversary, and New Year celebration. You can pamper your second half with pleasant gifts, your creativity, joy, love and surprise on a Valentine's Day.

What is a "live card"?

Birthday, wedding, New Year and 8th of March, confession of being in love or first day of the summer – so many occasions for greetings and good mood! Is there any other occasion you would like to greet someone? "Live card" is an entertainment project which contains two parts: a surprise – poetical greetings form an actor dressed up in a big doll costumes and bringing gifts.


Huge dolls are costumes of colorful characters which are also called “big soft toys”. A lot of positive emotions and good mood is floating around when they appear in parks and streets. When such doll with flowers and balloons in its hands appears on the doorstep of the one who is celebrating it becomes the most sudden and pleasant surprise!

What is the process of a greeting?

A big doll comes to a place according to a designated address (of a house, an office or a kindergarten). The actor comes dressed up already so that his or her performance would be a surprise for a celebrating person.

A doll appears on the door step of the one who is celebrating, says the greeting and presents prepared gifts.

Joy and laughter is a common reaction to appearance of a “Live card” and only after whoops of joy ends you can take a picture.

Greetings and gifts delivery takes from 10 to 15 minutes.

Humorous strip

It is a perfect choice for you if you are planning a party, wedding, anniversary, birthday party or if you are a manager and you need to keep a high level of cooperative culture. Simply said, there is a great possibility to say thanks for the toil of those who work for you. If you are not planning a cooperative party or if you do not have that many resources to make a party then the express-greeting will do the trick. We can organize show-performance for your personnel simply in their workplace (or during the party) for a little fee. Our heroine will brighten you day, distribute presents to all participants, therefore they will remember your attentiveness for a long time. You do not have to give out expensive presents to lift up your personnel’s mood. It is good enough to present some nice souvenirs. Humorous strip will bring smiles and happiness, joy, fun and good mood before the party is all that any personnel would need. Greetings might be organized in the café, restaurant, office, and so on. The performance and distribution of gifts takes 30 minutes. And of course these days no party could handle without a mysterious beauty who would perform various dances such as topless dance and belly-dance. Various supplements can be added to the dance depending on the specialization of a dancer. It could be a dance with a snake on a neck, a dance with a sword or dagger and so on. Such dances are performed quite often and therefore humorous strip, which is the only one in Lithuania, will cheer up your personnel and participants. People of a various ages enjoy this show. The show is really exciting.

Inflatable strongman

This is a comic performance which is interesting for children and adults. The show is interesting especially for people who like sports. A big barbell is left on the stage for audience to see. Suddenly a thin sportsman who is wearing a bathrobe appears and he is holding rolled wallpaper in his hand. He greets the audience and comes closer to the barbell and tries to lift it. After the unsuccessful attempt to lift it and after audience makes effort to persuade him to try again, the artist understands that it will not be easy and roles up the wallpaper of Arnold Schwarzenegger showing his muscles.
The artist performs exercises by watching his idol and turns in to a big strongman right in front of the eyes of the audience. The bathrobe cracks and now he is able not only lift the barbell but also to break it. He demonstrates various original aerobatic tricks.